Case example 1: European company wants to sell its technology in the US

Client problem: A European Laboratory Instrument developing company and their VC investor wish to sell their newly developed and patented instrument, including technology, all rights associated with the product, and IP. They are very good at developing new lab instruments but lack expertise in selling it to one of the large Life Science tool providers within the USA. What to do?

Solution: AllSeq Consulting was called in to help prepare the company for sale: creating sales materials and plans, and helping lead the projects' American-based negotiations.

Case example 2: Investor likes the company, but has no way of knowing what's true

Client problem: An A round investor client of ours loves a particular investment opportunity as it is an expressive startup company and team. However as the company is building a technology and product that the investor does not understand, and the CEO has a vision and strategy that the investor does not know, how can the investor reliably fact-check this opportunity so they are not torn on whether or not they should invest?

Solution: AllSeq Consulting helped our investor client to understand potential problems (eg. bottlenecks) with the technology and provided perspective on the strategy, ultimately leading the investor to the decision not to invest. Not all technologies are developed in the right time or place. Fast-forward to the present, the startup in question failed for the reasons mentioned, and our investor friend lives to invest another day.

Case example 3: Market analysis of the Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) market

Clients Problem: The company recognized that there is wild growth in the NIPT market and they would like to enter it, but since this is a new territory to them, there are several barriers to entry such as unreliable information. They're left stuck making a risky decision due to a lack of alternative data sources.

Solution: AllSeq Consulting prepared a market and competitor analysis which including focusing on the strategy risk that comes from an ongoing patent fight in this space.


Case example 4: Genomics technology startup with commercialization goals

Clients problem: A small group of really smart technical people have developed a break-though technology and their idea is currently in a prototype stage. Now they just need to build a business around it and raise funding. But after wasting 6 months of trying, it is clear they don't have the business experience, investor understanding, or community network to move forward.

Solution: AllSeq Consulting is called in to teach the company what activities investors look out for, and therefore help the company jumpstart their fundraising.

Case example 5: Well-known Life Science company wants to buy small technology company

Clients problem:
A well-known Life Science company wants to buy a small technology company that has developed a nice, but somewhat niche sequencing-protocol technology. Both parties agree that the technology is smart, but how much should it cost? The seller obviously wants a high price and the buyer wants a low(er) price, but neither knows what the right price should be or if they should just let the deal pass.

Solution: AllSeq Consulting was hired to represent the acquirer and perform due diligence of the technology (seek out potential weaknesses and holes in the seller's claims). Furthermore, the acquirer wanted a detailed analysis of the projected market demand, technology application areas (including segments and size), and an assessment of any other unknowns before proceeding with the deal.